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Designers understand a racket as a Single Energy Source (Mass). And the best way to improve a racket's performance is to improve the energy exchange between ball and racket. There’s just one really big barrier to improving that exchange. The Laws of Physics:

Kinetic Energy = ½ Mass X Velocity 2

This means that, no matter how a Designer may work around the edges, there is still only ½ of a racket's Mass that can ever be harnessed to create a desirable Kinetic Force at impact. And the lighter the racket, the less Kinetic Force is available for that crucial exchange. This creates constant and unavoidable trade offs for designers. (e.g. efforts to enhance maneuverability result in the degradation of stability.) The Kinetic System overcomes this Design barrier by introducing a completely independent, Second Energy Source into the frame; precision designed to load and unload its additional energy at precisely the right moment.

Think of the Kinetic System as a Twin Energy Output System that allows Designers the freedom to improve one performance parameter without detriment to other desirable properties. With Kinetic System, Pro Kennex has just discovered a way to move beyond the design limits of a mono mass racket, to significantly improve performance while leaving the Laws of Physics intact.

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