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he Tensor Aluminum ATG Mirror Gold 5.5″ Skateboard Trucks now coming in Aluminum Construction to give you a more traditionally weighted feeling when your boosting and flipping. The new All Terrain Geometry offers a more reactive turning feeling with a quicker response to get you carving the bowl, boosting out of the vert ramp, shredding the stair gap and slapping curbs all over the city. The Aluminum Construction allows you to feel your board a bit more when your throwing it round, with the more taditional weight being easier to pull you through your carves in the bowl. The Tensor ATG come with a lower kingpin position give you more a more responsive carve. Boost your trick list and crush some deep bowls with a set of Tensor Aluminum All Terrain Geometry Trucks under your feet!


All Terrain Geometry (ATG)
Silver base plate with Mirror Gold hanger
Aluminum Construction

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