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The Wish Duck Feather Badminton Shuttlecocks is a 12 pack of durable synthetic duck feather shuttlecocks for exceptional control at a great price.

These feather badminton birdies are made with a white synthetic duck feathers and provide a very consistent flight after hitting with your badminton racket of choice. These premium feather birdies are made with a cork tip and medium speed for great control and consistency.

Each badminton shuttlecock contains 16 synthetic feathers. The design gives a consistent bounce from your badminton racket while keeping a steady flight over the badminton net to beat your opponent.

The feather birdies are made for tournaments, games, training, outdoor competition, exercising, and fun for families. The Wish badminton birdies are 12 badminton birdies that are shipped in a storage tube. The solid tube that protects the birdies going to and from your playing destination so you don’t have to play with damaged badminton birdies. 

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